Amalgam's Ferrari 296 GTS 1:8 Scale Model Takes 300 Hours To Build, Costs $14,750

Based on the supercar's original CAD designs.

The Ferrari 296 GTS debuted last year as the open-top version of the 296 GTB with a hybrid V6 engine. With a starting price of around $350,000, it will forever be just a dream for many of us. Thankfully, there’s finally a more affordable version of the supercar that still features the same extraordinary quality. Folks, meet Amalgam Collection's Ferrari 296 GTS model in a 1:8 scale that costs about $14,750 to purchase.

Sure, this is a lot of money for a scale model but this is not just a toy car. What you see in the gallery below – and you'd be forgiven for confusing it for a real car – is a detailed scaled replica of the original car, which took Amalgam over 3,000 hours to develop using the supercar’s original CAD designs, paint codes, and material specifications provided by the Italian manufacturer. Each of the 199 units planned for production takes about 300 hours to build with thousands of finely engineered and produced parts, including CNC-machined metal components.

And this is not all. After the development of the scale model was completed also using archive imagery and drawings from the Maranello-based automaker, Amalgam sent the end result back to Ferrari for a detailed inspection. The firm’s engineers and designers checked every millimeter of the model to ensure complete accuracy of representation. As a side note, the car is over 22 inches (57 centimeters) long and each unit is hand-assembled by Amalgam’s team.

This isn’t Amalgam’s only Ferrari unveiled recently. Just earlier this month, the company debuted its 1:8 scale model of the Purosangue, the brand’s first production high-riding model. You can have the scale model for at least $15,995 if you want the base model while specifying the paint, interior color, and wheels will set you back around $20,795. The same customization options are also available for the 296 GTS.

Driving The 296 Family:

While expensive, this scale model isn’t even close to the price of the real supercar. Ferrari wants about $350,000 before destination fees for the open-top 296, making it more than 20 times more expensive than Amalgam’s model. At around the same base price as the 1:8 Ferrari 296 GTS – more precisely for $15,250 – you can also buy a 1:4 replica of the Daytona SP3’s engine.

Source: Amalgam Collection

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