Automotive Photography With Michael Shaffer: RAC #70

Get some tips from an expert on how to take better pictures of your car with your smartphone.

It's podcast time! This week our guests are automotive photographer Michael Shaffer and USA Editor-in-Chief Seyth Miersma. We'd like to think all of our episodes are fun to listen to, but this one is especially entertaining thanks to the stories from Shaffer and Miersma.

We start with a story about driving Subarus 600 miles through Patagonia. Miersma actually covered this trip for way back in 2016, and Shaffer was there with Subaru as the event's photographer (gallery below). They were apparently using vehicles from a local dealer, not ones part of the automaker's fleet. By the end of the long trip, these Subies were in rough shape.


Shaffer also tells us how he got into automotive photography. He was a film student and took a class in automotive photography. It turned out that MotorTrend often plucked students from this course as interns. Shaffer applied, despite not even owning a camera, and he got in.

We also get into how Shaffer owns a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V in Japan. He bought it from a French owner with the promise that Shaffer would come back every six months to use the car. Then, the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and it became impossible to visit the country. In June 2023, he can finally import the Evo into the US under the 25-year rule.

There are other great stories and lots of fantastic photography, like the Lamborghini Countach picture that is the lead image for this week's podcast. Plus, Shaffer offers some tips about how you can take better pictures of your car with a smartphone.

If you want to see more of Shaffer's work, check out his Instagram page.

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