Build Your Own 2023 Ferrari Purosangue With Online Configurator Tool

With 24 colors, 27 interiors, and six wheel choices to choose from, there are thousands of Purosangues out there – virtually at least.

The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is finally here, after years of teasing on the part of the company and worry on the part of its fans. However you feel about the brand's first four-door vehicle (Ferrari refuses to call it an SUV), the Purosangue holds onto key brand attributes like a rev-happy, naturally aspirated V12 and a rear-mounted transaxle, with a long hood and swoopy passenger cabin helping it fit in with the brand’s recent grand tourers.

If you’re not a fan of the Purosangue in its launch-spec Grigio Titanio, perhaps you’d like it more after perusing Ferrari’s configurator. The visualizing tool does allow you to coat the high-rider in one of 24 colors, option among six wheel designs and five caliper colors, and select between 27 different interiors (including leather, Alcantara, or semi-aniline upholstery). Add it all up and you're left with thousands upon thousands of potential permutations of the 715-horsepower (533-kilowatt) Ferrari crossover.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue Configurator Screenshots2023 Ferrari Purosangue Configurator Screenshots2023 Ferrari Purosangue Configurator Screenshots2023 Ferrari Purosangue Configurator Screenshots

If you’re not satisfied with signature Ferrari shades like Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena, or Blu Tour De France, you can also select from the automaker’s historic portfolio. Your author’s pick is the 1970s-tinged Rosso Dino, but Blu Scozia – a gorgeous color that formerly graced the flanks of the 250 GT SWB – would be another fine choice. What’s more, a disclaimer on the site suggests that your local Ferrari dealer might be able to help you customize your Purosangue even further, possibly with unlisted paint colors and upholstery choices.

Unfortunately, like all Ferrari build-your-own tools, the configurator doesn’t include prices. The famed automaker did confirm that the Purosangue would start at €390,000 (about $389,000 at current exchange rates) when it arrives in European markets, but we’d feel confident the price would rise dramatically once special paint options, interior finishes, sports exhausts, carbon fiber exterior bits, and colored brake calipers get added to the mix.

Stallion-Rivaling Sporty SUVs:

If you’re in the market for a Purosangue, congrats and enjoy the build process. And when all is said and done, be sure to wind that naturally aspirated V12 at every opportunity. For the rest of us, the configurator will have to do.


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