Can You Spot What's Weird About This LaFerrari Leaving The Factory?

This car raises a bunch of questions.

Take a good look at this Ferrari LaFerrari that's leaving the automaker's headquarters. Does it look odd to you? The eagle-eyed YouTuber Varryx noticed what was weird.

On every other LaFerrari that you see, there are dark, carbon-fiber details in the front fascia. However, Ferrari painted these elements in the same red color as the rest of the exterior for this one. It's a tiny change that has a big effect on the supercar's appearance by giving more visual weight to these styling elements in the nose.

According to Varryx, this LaFerrari was a common sight around the Ferrari factory for years, and then he stopped seeing it. Now, the colorful supercar has been hitting the road again.

Varryx doesn't think Ferrari is testing anything with this LaFerrari. Although, that seems odd. Why would the company suddenly bring the vehicle out of the warehouse to begin using again?  We have seen several instances of the brand using the old model as a test mule for the automaker's next hypercar. Although, those vehicles don't have the production-complete look of this one.

LaFerrari News:

Another possibility is that Ferrari could be checking to see how the LaFerrari's components are aging. The model is now nearing a decade since its debut, and the engineers might want to know how the hybrid components like the battery and motor are holding up.

We also can't rule out the engineers just try to keep everything in the test mule collection moving, and it's the supercar's turn for the outing in this video.

Ferrari sold 500 examples of the LaFerrari, including 210 units of the Aperta variant. The company made the last one for charity to benefit the reconstruction efforts in Italy after devastating earthquakes in the central part of the country in 2016. It sold for €8.3 million and took the honor of being the most expensive auction price for a car made in the 21st century.

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