Ferrari 296 GTB Gets HP Boost, Vossen Wheels Courtesy Of Novitec

The hybrid supercar packs 856 horsepower thanks to an exhaust upgrade.

In stock trim, the Ferrari 296 is already a potent performer. That didn't stop German-based tuning company Novitec from turning the dial up just a bit more, squeezing some extra power from the high-strung hybrid while injecting just a bit of visual flair in the process.

Ordinarily, that visual flair takes center stage when it comes to the various supercar tuners we often cover (we're looking at you, Mansory). However, eagle-eyed Ferrari enthusiasts won't find any exterior add-ons this time around, save for a set of custom Vossen multi-spoke wheels. According to Novitec, they were developed in conjunction with the famous wheel manufacturer to perfectly fill the Ferrari's wheel arches. With diameters of 21 inches in front and 22 at the back, they definitely fill the available space. There's barely room for the ultra-low-profile 30-series tires in front, 25-series at the rear.

This time around, the emphasis is on power. As a refresher, the 296 GTB already delivers an astounding 818 combined horsepower from its hybrid powertrain, melding a 654-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with a single electric motor producing 164 hp. As you might expect, Novitec leaves the electric side unchanged in favor of more internal-combustion thrust. The exhaust system for the V6 is reworked, from the piping to the catalytic converters. On the intake side, new turbo inlets help the V6 breathe in, raising total output to 856 hp. To help manage the power, sport springs with a 1.3-inch drop are installed. 

If you simply can't have a tuned Ferrari without a special body kit, Novitec says such parts are currently in the design phase. When the work is completed, you can expect bare carbon fiber add-ons along with a broader choice of specialized wheels. In the meantime, you'll have to get by with the low chin spoiler, massive side intakes, and beefy rear diffuser that come stock on the 296 GTB. Darn.

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Novitec doesn't mention pricing for its upgrades, but they are available now on the company's website.

Source: Novitec

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