Ferrari 488 Pista Looks Totaled After Crashing Under Highway Guardrail

Thankfully, there were no injuries from this frightening crash that happened in Poland.

It looks like another supercar is down thanks to less-than-ideal driving conditions. A limited-edition Ferrari 488 Pista met an untimely end on February 11 after crashing into – and under – a guardrail along a straight stretch of highway. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries. Unfortunately, the Ferrari is likely a parts car at this point.

The single-car crash occurred around 9:00 a.m. local time in the northwest region of Poland, near the town of Wyrzysk. Auto Swiat reports the conditions at the time of the crash were wet, with rain falling and temperatures close to the freezing point. Details of exactly what happened aren't available; the Wyrzysk Volunteer Fire Department shared images of the aftermath and a description of the scene in a Facebook post, embedded below. The post simply states the driver lost control of the car on the Wyrzyska bypass on the S10 highway, and that the driver was okay.

The photos show extensive damage to the front of the 488, with pretty much the entire front clip ripped away and shredded into pieces. The impact was also hard enough – and the car was low enough – to send it under the guardrail, though it clearly wasn't an easy fit. The windshield is smashed, the roof caved, and the A-pillars are bent almost as if the car flipped upside down at some point. It appears the Ferrari slid along the shoulder under the guardrail for a short distance, causing it to slice into the engine cover like a can opener. It appears there are no exterior body panels that are undamaged.

Stop Crashing Ferraris Already:

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 summer tires are standard issue on the 488 Pista from the factory. It's unknown what tires were on this particular car when it crashed; cold temperatures generally aren't good for high-performance summer-compound tires, even in dry conditions. In any case, we're grateful for no injuries in this scary-looking crash.

Source: Auto Swiat, Wyrzysk Volunteer Fire Department

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