Ferrari 812 Competizione Acceleration Run Is Short But Oh So Sweet

An Italian V12 at 9,000 rpm is motoring heaven.

The sound of performance varies depending on your location. A throaty V8 is the purest definition for folks in America and Australia. A straight-six is bliss for the UK, but venture to Germany and you'll embrace both flat-six and inline-five music. Japan is all about screaming turbocharged four-cylinder power. And then we get to Italy. You know where this is going.

A high-revving V12 is the hallmark of Italian performance, and for many, it's also the soundtrack for supercars. We're making a big deal out of this because, frankly, the Ferrari 812 Competizione acceleration video featured here isn't that thrilling to watch. But my oh my is it an aural delight.

The clip is short, but such is life when you pack 830 horsepower (619 kilowatts) into a car weighing approximately 3,300 pounds. The 812 Competizione hits 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, but the seriously impressive stats come higher up the speedo. 124 mph (200 km/h) takes just over 7 seconds, and with the pedal firmly planted, the Ferrari will sing a 9,500-rpm soprano to 211 mph.

After a short walkaround outside the Competizione, the video switches to a close-up view of the rev counter with a digital readout of the speed next to it. Such a perspective isn't exactly cinematic gold, but the sound makes everything right in the world. The car lurches forward from 3,200 rpm as launch control does its thing, and from that point, it's a race to see whether the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter engine hits redline before the driver can shift gears.

Ferrari's Future:

And we do think the dual-clutch gearbox is being shifted by hand, as we hear an audible click just as the tach reaches 8,600 rpm, well short of the 9,200 rpm power peak. The engine revs so fast it's hard to see exactly where the tach stops before grabbing second, but it slows for the subsequent runs through third and fourth. True to Ferrari's word, the speedo checks off 200 km/h in about 7 seconds, reaching 215 km/h (134 mph) as the driver lifts off into fifth gear.

Enjoy the mechanical symphony, friends. The 812 Competizione won't be the last V12-powered Ferrari, but it's likely the last to run on pure internal-combustion power. Whether future offerings rev as high is unknown, but for a little while longer at least, the sound of Italian performance is still alive and healthy. 

Source: Motorsport Magazine via YouTube

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