Ferrari 812 GTS Stallone By Mansory Gives The V12 Cabrio A Wild Look

The naturally aspirated V12 pumps out 820 horsepower.

We're always worried when Mansory gets its hands on a new car as the end result is usually extremely controversial. When the tuner introduced an aftermarket package for the 812 Superfast about a year ago, we were pleasantly surprised by how restrained it looked, which is something we can't say about the 812 GTS featured here. Behold the "Stallone," a wild makeover for Maranello's naturally aspirated V12 convertible.

The Bavarian aftermarket specialist has developed a rather busy-looking carbon fiber body kit for Italy's retractable hardtop supercar, topped by a massive rear wing bringing back childhood memories of playing Need for Speed Underground. In typical Mansory fashion, it's an outlandish makeover for the 812 GTS with a plethora of aerodynamic add-ons and more vents than a Ferrari should ever have.

Source: Mansory

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