Ferrari 812 Superfast Gets High-End Treatment From Carlex Design

The Polish tuner doing what it does best.

There are several types of tuners out there. There are those who go over the top when it comes to increasing the power output, while there are those who go outlandish and extroverted with the exterior styling. Then there's Carlex Design, a company that employs tasteful aftermarket work on several types of cars – from trucks to Ferraris.

Carlex Design Europe's latest creation is this: a Ferrari 812 Superfast. While on the outside the Prancing Horse doesn't seem to carry any update, it's what you'll see inside the cabin that makes this modified version special.

Coming from the already fine interior design of a stock 812 Superfast, the Polish tuner takes it up a notch by redoing the upholstery – from doors to seats, even up to the headliner. Several Alcantara inserts in black and yellow are seen all over the cabin, including around the instrument cluster, plus the intricately designed seats amplify the appeal of the powerful sports car.

White contrast stitches are also found all over, plus a carbon fiber material dons the tiller with yellow stitches. The headliner gets special customization as well: an embossed Ferrari emblem amid white contrasting stitches on Alcantara.

The rest are practically covered in high-quality materials, though we have yet to see a rundown of the specific leather used. The video atop this page should give you a better and closer look.

Carlex Designs From Trucks To Supercars:

Under the hood, this 812 Superfast remains untouched but that isn't an issue because in stock form its naturally-aspirated V12 produces up to 789 horsepower (588 kilowatts) and 530 pound-feet (718 Newton-meters) of torque.

Carlex hasn't disclosed the price for this 812 Superfast cabin upgrade on its Facebook post, plus the company's website doesn't have it listed yet. If you're interested,  you might want to contact Carlex directly for a quotation.

Source: Carlex Design (Facebook), RoCars (YouTube)

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