Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine Is Automotive Art From Amalgam In 1:4 Scale

It's connected to a perfectly recreated seven-speed gearbox, and just 599 are planned for production.

Usually, we're in awe of scale replica cars from Amalgam, but this time it's all about the powertrain. Specifically, it's a 6.5-liter V12 engine connected to a seven-speed manual gearbox, normally found under the exceedingly rare Ferrari Daytona SP3. Here, you'll find it on display under glass, meticulously recreated in a large 1:4 scale.

Since the photos in the gallery below look like a real engine, here's some context for this quarter-scale model. It's 17 inches from the front cover to the tail of the gearbox, and 7 inches from the bottom pan to the peak of the massive intake. Speaking of which, yes that's a carbon fiber intake. Individual molds were made for the various components, built from original CAD info on the engine shared by Ferrari. It took Amalgam designers 3,500 hours to build the prototype, which then went to Ferrari for approval. Obviously, it was green-stamped for production.

Building one doesn't take quite as long as the prototype, but Amalgam says it's still a 325-hour process from casting to final assembly. It consists of thousands of parts, many of which are CNC machined for precision and realism. Take a close look at the throttles and you'll see appropriate screws on the butterflies. In addition to carbon fiber, you'll find metal and rubber components throughout the build, and the trademark Ferrari cam covers are given a proper coating of red. Coils for the spark plugs face the proper direction, and the tubing for the V12's headers could make Medusa jealous.

Unfortunately, it doesn't fire up and run like the real engine. But it will be just as rare as its full-size counterpart. Amalgam will create 599 examples of this quarter-scale replica, matching Ferrari's total production for the Daytona SP3. It's priced at $15,250, and if you think that's expensive, it's less than one percent of the Daytona's cost – if you could get one that is.

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"The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox is one of the most exciting new models we will launch in 2023," said Sandy Copeman, Amalgam's founder and director of brand. "It may well be the last of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated power units and we are delighted to be working alongside the design and engineering teams at Ferrari to capture this piece of modern automotive history and deliver it at 1:4 scale."

Source: Amalgam

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