Ferrari F50 Needs A Push Start To Get Its V12 Engine Running

No starter? It's no problem for this Ferrari F50 driver.

It can be embarrassing to ask strangers for help when your car breaks down. Now, imagine how much worse you'd feel needing assistance to push start your Ferrari F50. That's exactly what happens in this brief clip.

The video starts in media res with people already pushing the Ferrari, so we don't know things begin. Six guys shove the F50 onto the road. Traffic is fairly light, which makes this work a lot easier because they have plenty of room to get the vehicle moving.


Once the Ferrari is at a good roll, the driver pops the clutch, and the V12 engine roars to life. He waves at the helpers and says thank you by launching the vehicle, complete with a bit of smoke coming off the rear wheels.

The Ferrari F50 debuted at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show to mark the Prancing Horse's fiftieth anniversary. To keep them special, the brand made just 349 examples.

Decades before the Mercedes-AMG One, the F50 put a Formula One-derived engine into a road-going supercar. The powerplant was a 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V12 that was a variant of the mill in Ferrari's 1990 F1 car.

See What A Ferrari F50 Can Do:

The powerplant made a healthy 512 horsepower (382 kilowatts) at 8,500 rpm and 347 pound-feet (471 Newton-meters) at 6,500 rpm. According to the official specs, this mill got the F50 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.87 seconds. The top speed was 202 mph (325 kph).

Like the engine, other parts of the F50 came from Ferrari's experience in F1. For example, there was a carbon-fiber passenger cell with the front suspension attached directly to it. The engine was a stressed member of the chassis.

The F50's roof panel was manually removable. This meant occupants could enjoy the vehicle as a hardtop coupe or have the wind in their hair.

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