Ferrari Goes All Electric With New Testa Rossa J, But There's A Catch

It's a three-quarter scale replica that isn't road legal.

We can't resist despite our best efforts, so we'll just say it. Good things come in small packages. It's arguably the clichést cliché that ever clichéd, but even in original full-size form, the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is a very good thing in a small package. Now, there's one even smaller that you can buy, and it looks every bit as good.

Say hello to the Ferrari Testa Rossa J, and yes, it's a proper Ferrari. It's built in conjunction with The Little Car Company, and if that name sounds familiar, it's the same group that made the epic Bugatti Baby II we covered in July 2020. This is a three-quarter scale version of Ferrari's legendary race car, recreated in exquisite detail save for one major change. In place of a Colombo V12 – or any gasoline engine – is a single electric motor powered by three batteries mounted in front.

Ferrari Testa Rossa J Scale Replica Steering Wheel ViewFerrari Testa Rossa J Scale Replica Rear View

Ferrari offered up original Testa Rossa schematics and designs for the suspension and chassis for ultimate realism, and this replica duplicates it right down to suspension tuning. The body is hand-shaped aluminum, the seats (large enough for an adult and a teenager) are made from leather, and the driver holds a proper Nardi steering wheel. It has disc brakes at the corners with proper wire wheels in 12-inch format, shod with Pirelli rubber. The dash also bears the proper layout of gauges, though battery and motor temperatures replace oil and water gauges, among other substitutions.

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The electric powertrain isn't just for milling around at walking speed. This replica offers four different driving modes, allowing novices to experience the Ferrari on lower power settings with a maximum speed of 12 mph (20 km/h). Switch to sport or race mode and speed jumps to 37 mph (60 km/h), and while that doesn't sound fast, in a scaled-down replica it's properly eye-opening. Furthermore, Ferrari says the Testa Rossa J was fine-tuned and signed off by test drivers on the company's Fiorano circuit. Ripping around the track in an SF90 is certainly epic, but honestly, doing a lap in this replica sounds like all kinds of giddy fun.

Of course, such fun doesn't come without a price. Ferrari will offer just 299 Testa Rossa J replicas, and each will start at €93,000. At present, that converts to nearly $110,000, so this certainly isn't a toy car for the kids. For affluent collectors, however, it is available in 14 historic liveries and 53 colors and we bet Ferrari sells each one.

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