Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spied Making Wonderful V12 Noises

A great-sounding engine and electric motors for plenty of power.

Ferrari continues to develop its next-gen hypercar by using LaFerraris as a testing platform. A new video catches one lapping the Prancing Horse' Fiorano track.

Aesthetically, this is mostly just a LaFerrari. Looking closely, there appear to be some small tweaks to the shape of the inlets in the front fascia and in the rear fenders. The video doesn't offer a close view of the rear, but earlier spy shots show changes to the decklid.

The clip provides a great chance to hear the new Ferrari's engine, and it sounds suitably aggressive. Reports so far suggest that there's a mid-mounted V12 with hybrid assistance. The output is allegedly over 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) because the number can't be lower than the total of 986 hp (735 kW) from the SF90.

The vehicle will allegedly be related to Ferrari's Le Mans Hypercar entry that will start racing in 2023. Budget caps in Formula One are causing the automaker to reduce the crew working on its open-wheel car, and these folks are moving onto the endurance racer project.

More Spy Videos Of The New Ferrari Hypercar:

Modern emissions regulations make it difficult to offer a high-performance V12 that meets all of the rules. The engine layout has a long history for Ferrari, though. The company is working on ways to keep it going, and electrification appears to be the best choice right now.

It's not clear yet exactly when Ferrari intends to debut the new hypercar. The leading theories are that the model's premiere would be in 2022 or that the Prancing Horse would wait for the race car to be done for an unveiling in 2023.

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