Ferrari KC23 One-Off Revealed As Track Car With Moving Body Panels

It's based on the 488 GT3 Evo and has liquid metal infused in the paint.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Ferrari introduced the SF90 XX and now it’s unveiling another special creation. The KC23 is even more exclusive as it’ll remain strictly a one-off without a license plate since it’s a track-only model. Based on the 488 GT3, the unique Prancing Horse equipped with butterfly doors adopts styling cues from the Vision Gran Turismo and 499P endurance hypercar.

The 488 GT3 Evo donor car has been subjected to significant modifications, including active aero achieved with motorized side body panels. The racing livery is gone, in favor of a new paint called Gold Mercury featuring an aluminum-like finish courtesy of liquid metal embedded into the four-layer paintwork. Commissioned by "one very imaginative, passionate and exacting customer," the KC23 features a giant rear wing that can be optionally removed to give the rear end a smoother look.

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Although the car will remain a one-off, Ferrari mentions the KC23's styling provides a "tantalizing glimpse" of future models. While the exterior has been fully redesigned, the interior retains the stripped-down configuration with two bucket seats and a variety of switches carried over from the 488 GT3 Evo. There's also a full roll cage and a race-spec steering wheel with a whopping 16 controls.

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