Ferrari Le Mans Hypercar Sounds Mean During Initial Track Shakedown

Spy shots provide our first look at the new race car.

Ferrari’s return to Le Mans is one step closer to reality. Last month, the Italian automaker revealed that the car would begin testing “in the coming weeks,” and now we have photos and a video capturing the car at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. This is our first full look at the upcoming LMH race car that will ferry Ferrari to its first FIA World Endurance Championship campaign in 50 years.

Ferrari covers the race car in a full-body camouflage wrap, which hides the car’s styling details. However, there are some design aspects no amount of camo can conceal, like its gargantuan rear wing. Also visible are the roof-mounted intake and the blade-like front end that hovers over a large opening. The front fenders are massive and sit higher than the body of the vehicle, giving it some odd proportions that could be a trick of the camouflage.

Source: Varryx / YouTube, Ferrari / Facebook , Motorsport

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