Ferrari Purosangue Spied Riding Low In Latest Photos

Development moves ahead.

The Ferrari Purosangue crossover development is moving forward on European roads. This one continues the trend of testing under a heavily modified Maserati Levante body.

The exterior design has a few tweaks from the existing Levante. The headlights appear to be different pieces, or the shape is at least distinct because of the tape covering the lamps. The hood is rounder. The engineers fit fender extensions, hinting at a wider track for the Ferrari than the Maserati. At the back, the lower fascia is a placeholder, and a pair of unfinished exhaust pipes come out of each side.

Despite using the Levante body for testing, the Purosangue rides on a completely different platform. The underpinning puts the engine behind the front axle and the dual-clutch automatic at the back for a setup to improve weight balance. The layout can support all-wheel drive.

The Purosangue will be able to support hybrid powertrains. An electrically assisted V12 is reportedly one of the engines coming to Ferrari's first crossover.

Piano Industriale Ferrari 2018-2022

The Purosangue will have a variable ride height, likely through an air suspension. Judging by these spy shots, drivers can lower the crossover to sit very near the road. The images so far don't suggest a person can lift the vehicle high enough to clear large (or even medium-sized) obstacles. Don't expect the Purosangue to be capable of any serious off-roading.

The Purosangue's platform can support multiple wheelbase lengths, depending on how much room the company wants to make for occupants in the models using it. Ferrari's documentation about the setup indicates there would spacious and comfortable space on the inside.

The Purosangue won't debut until 2022, so we'll still probably see lots of spy shots of the development before the premiere. It'll go on sale in the United States for the 2023 model year.

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