Ferrari Purosangue Versus Lamborghini Urus: It's Surprisingly Close

The race pits natural aspiration against turbo power.

It’s wild to think we live in an era when Ferrari makes an SUV. It’d be even wilder if it were alone in the market, but it was actually one of the last luxury performance brands to introduce such a model.

Ferrari did the SUV thing right, with a big V-12 and sleek sheet metal. But is that enough to claim the crown as the quickest SUV in a quarter-mile drag race? A new video from Carwow begins the quest to find out by pitting it against the Lamborghini Urus.

The Ferrari struggled in the first rolling race with the gearboxes in automatic mode. The Purosangue came to life in the remaining races when the driver could manually shift the gears, taking easy victories in the remaining runs down the track.

Ferrari isn’t eager to bolster its sales with an SUV. It’s deliberately limiting Purosangue production to just 20 percent of its annual output, keeping the model exclusive and expensive without letting it dominate sales or dilute its identity. Lamborghini achieved a record sales year in 2023, led by the Urus, which accounted for the majority of the car’s sales.

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Source: Carwow / YouTube

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