Ferrari Roma Gets Subtle Tuning From Novitec Worthy Of Your Attention

One of the best-looking Ferraris also gets a substantial power bump.

The Ferrari Roma is generally seen as beautiful, looking sultry and evocative at every angle. Even Frank Stephenson, Ferrari and Maserati's first director of concept design, gave it a high 9.5 out of 10 on his famed YouTube design critique videos.

But if that score isn't high enough, Novitec has got you covered with its latest creation. Of course, expect the masters of subtle tuning to employ a gentle hand, thus giving us this tasty masterpiece that involves both aesthetic upgrades and performance tuning.

Design-wise, Novitec added Vossen wheels, a front spoiler, grille trims, rocker panels, and door mirror covers on the Roma. At the rear, the German tuner enhanced the look with the use of a lip spoiler on the trunk lid, along with a diffuser insert and the vertical carbon fin.

All of these elements were made out of naked carbon fiber finished in high-gloss coating. They're not just for show as Novitec designers are said to have utilized a wind tunnel so that the styling kits are there to make the Roma even more streamlined and aerodynamically efficient.

In terms of performance, Novitec started the tune by modifying the ECU and upgrading the electronic boost pressure control. Stage 2 performance tuning results in an increase of 84 horsepower (62 kilowatts) and 90 pound-feet (122 Newton-meters) of torque, for a final output of 704 hp (518 kW) and 651 lb-ft (882 Nm) of twists.

A Minimalist Prancing Horse:

Paired with sport springs and high-performance tires, ride height has been decreased by 35mm – although Novitec added a front lift system to enable raising the body at the front axle by 40mm when needed.

The price of admission for these modifications wasn't mentioned as always, but do know that Novitec indulges its customers with bespoke requests, so might as well contact them directly if you're interested.

Source: Novitec

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