Ferrari Says The Purosangue Had To Have The V12 Engine

We don’t know its output yet.

This week, Ferrari announced that it would launch a new V12 engine for a “game-changing” model. It didn’t explicitly say that the model would be the Purosangue, but the company wasn’t exactly vague about it, either. Aiding in dispelling the mystery was Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna, who revealed that the new Purosangue would get the mighty V12 engine.

According to Vigna, the company tested several powertrain options but settled on the V12 for the crossover. He told Reuters that “it was clear” that the Purosangue needed a V12, calling it “the right option for the market.” While the Purosangue has been everything but a well-kept secret at Maranello, Ferrari did keep its powertrain information under tight wraps.

Source: Reuters

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