Ferrari Sedan Rendering Reimagines One-Off BR20 With Four Doors

The Ferrari for a family.

Ferrari’s one-off creations are unique, often transforming the base model into something radically – and stylistically – imaginative. The company’s latest, the BR20, is quite a departure from the GTC4Lusso and that model’s shooting brake body. It’s sleek, athletic, with a new swooping roof, though it does make us wonder what Ferrari wouldn’t do. A new video from SRK Designs is pushing the imagination by turning the BR20 into a sleek one-off sedan.

The video starts with the BR20 before the transformation begins, expanding the wheelbase, reshaping the greenhouse, and correcting the car’s new proportions. The unofficial rendering shows how the BR20’s sleek silhouette could easily skew to accommodate a longer roof and a larger greenhouse, though the extra cabin space eats into the long hood. The front wheel arches lose a bit of their elegant definition, giving the sedan a slightly truncated appearance.

A four-door Ferrari may seem like an out-there idea, though the company is working on the Purosangue SUV, which looks to ferry around Ferrari families in Italian supercar luxury.  Spy shots have shown the Ferrari test vehicle with a Maserati Levante body and four door handles. Ferrari also made the one-off Pinin concept in 1980 – a car built to celebrate Pininfarina’s 50th anniversary. Pininfarina also helped Ferrari design the 456 GT Venice, a series of four-door models commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei.

Ferrari’s Four-Door SUV:

Ferrari’s four-door aspirations don’t appear to extend beyond the Purosangue at the moment, though electrifying and other technologies could have the iconic supercar brand branching beyond what’s expected from the company. There have been rumors of two more SUV variants – both fully electric – arriving after the Purosangue debuts, though not a peep about any four-door sedans. A one-off four-door Ferrari sedan would be cool, but reengineering an existing model to accommodate the extra space might be a costly challenge. 

Source: SRK Designs / YouTube

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