Ferrari SF-23 Promo Film Shot With Alfa Romeo Stelvio Camera Cars

Maybe they'll use a Purosangue next year.

Ferrari was seen on its home turf at the Fiorano track in Italy shooting a new promotional film for the SF-23. In case the alphanumeric designation doesn't ring a bell, it's Maranello's latest Formula 1 car set to compete this season. Ahead of March 5 when the inaugural race will take place in Bahrain, the electrified V6 machine can be seen while being forced to tailgate a pair of Alfa Romeo Stelvio camera cars.

The first part of the video shows what appears to be a Veloce version of Alfa's first SUV carrying two people in the cargo area, shooting the Ferrari SF-23. Later in the clip, a sinister Quadrifoglio with heavily tinted headlights and taillights takes over the responsibilities of a camera car. The murdered-out vehicle has a roof rack holding what is surely expensive equipment.

See Other Camera Cars In Action:

It's unclear why Ferrari didn't use its very own SUV, the Purosangue, although one safe guess is these Stelvio cameras cars were readily available. Costs might've also been a factor taking into consideration a Quadrifoglio is over $300,000 cheaper than Maranello's four-door V12 family car. In addition, demand for the Purosangue is off the charts, so Ferrari is utilizing the production capacity to build cars for customers.

SUVs aside, the new Ferrari F1 doesn't sound half bad for a race car powered by a small 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. Charles Leclerc has already driven the car at Fiorano during the official presentation held earlier this month. The Monegasque driver together with Carlos Sainz Jr. will attempt to bring Ferrari on top in 2023 after a long hiatus.

Meanwhile, the single-seater SF-23 will be put through its paces later this week during the official pre-season testing in Shakir. Ferrari has yet to announce who will drive the car during the sole test programed for the 2023 season.

Source: Varryx / YouTube

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