Ferrari Tailor Made Creates Special 488 Pista With Racing Inspiration

Inside, there are two-tone seats in light brown and white.

The latest creation from the Ferrari Tailor Made program is a 488 Pista with racing-inspired design touches. The styling is subtle but looks fantastic.

Red is a natural color for a Ferrari, and the crimson shade covers most of the body of this one. In front, a skinny, white stripe runs from the lower fascia through the center of the hood and then over the roof. The number 547 appears there, too. The pictures are a bit dark, so it's hard to tell if the front splitter is gloss black or carbon fiber.

In profile, the prancing horse emblem appears on the front fenders. A white stripe occupies the lower section of the body. The 547 number repeats here and is a slightly different shade than the strip beneath it so that the numerals remain visible.

The wheels are especially fascinating. When viewed straight-on they appear to be a fairly normal 10-spoke design with a subtle Y shape. From an angle, you can see that there are actually pairs of stacked spokes, which makes the styling look significantly more complex.

Inside, the seats and center console are light brown leather in a shade that borders on orange. White strips appear on the cushion and back of the chairs, and the shade appears to be the same as the stripe on the outside. The floor appears to match this color, too.

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The Ferrari Tailor Made program offers customers a greater degree of personalization than what's normally available. It opens up an expansive range of paint, leather, textile, and other material choices. Buyers work with a stylist to specify the car's look to their exact preferences.

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