Ferrari To Launch Three Cars In 2024

2023 was another record year after 13,663 cars were sold.

The big news for Ferrari fans this week is that Lewis Hamilton has signed a multi-year deal with the Formula 1 team, replacing Carlos Sainz from 2025. Hamilton will team up with Charles Leclerc, who recently extended his contract "beyond the 2024 season." This week is also significant for the road car division, with several announcements made during the conference call following the release of 2023 sales results.

The Prancing Horse moved 13,663 vehicles last year, marking a three percent increase compared to 2022. The demand is so strong that all current models are sold out throughout 2025, meaning newly placed orders won't be delivered until 2026 at the earliest. Despite the challenges of managing a large influx of orders, Ferrari has three new models set to be released this year.

The Italian exotic marque remains predictably tight-lipped about what we'll see in 2024, but we have some ideas. Chances are the new hypercar will finally come out sometime in the next 11 months. Seen here in spy shots of a prototype carrying the production body, the LaFerrari successor is said to be known internally by its "F250" codename. For the first time since the F40, rumors have it that Maranello won't opt for a V12.

Reports state that the new hypercar will downsize to a plug-in hybrid twin-turbo V6 derived from the 296 GTB, 296 GT3, and the 499P endurance race car. Allegedly, Ferrari intends to produce 599 coupes, 199 convertibles, and 30 examples of a hardcore XX model, resulting in a total production run of 828 units. We will likely only see the coupe this year, with production scheduled to start in late 2024. The XX model is said to hit the assembly line in 2027, while the convertible is apparently due in 2028. According to a member of the Italian Auto Pareri forum, the last cars will be assembled in 2030.

Another car likely to debut this year is a replacement for the 812 Superfast. It has been caught testing multiple times with a Roma body and is all but confirmed to feature a naturally aspirated V12. Late last year, Ferrari admitted that a turbocharged V8 outperforms an NA V12, but the company reckons the latter is less emotional. Back in May 2021, the company promised an even more powerful twelve-cylinder engine to surpass the 830 hp available in the 812 Superfast and Daytona SP3.

It's unclear what the third car will be. Some of the possibilities that spring to mind include a new Icona model, a Purosangue SUV derivative, or a one-off. It won't be the long-promised EV since Ferrari's first electric car has a 2025 release date. Meanwhile, the new building where the zero-emission car is going to be made will be inaugurated this year.

During the conference call with analysts, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said employees will be rewarded with an estimated bonus of €13,500 (about $14,700) following a record-breaking 2023.

Two Of The New Ferrari Models Coming This Year:

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