Ford-Ferrari Mashup Is Either A Really Expensive Thunderbird Or Cheap F40

It's a 1990 Thunderbird SC selling for $15,000, and it's seen better days.

Mention Ford versus Ferrari to the average car enthusiast, and they'll likely think of the iconic 1966 battle at Le Mans between the GT40 and 330 P3. The vehicle featured here is a very different kind of Ford/Ferrari matchup, and by that, we mean a mashup. Is there a winner in this curious one-off creation? We'll let you, dear reader, decide that.

As such, allow us to be the messenger for this very curious find on Facebook Marketplace. This is a 1990 Ford Thunderbird, and despite the extensive Ferrari-themed body modifications, it's still very much a T-Bird. Actually, it's a Thunderbird Super Coupe, packing a supercharged 3.8-liter V6 connected to a five-speed manual transmission that drives the rear wheels. In the world of obscure 1990s performance, it's actually a rad ride with a devoted following. Back in the day, it made 210 horsepower – 15 shy of the V8-powered Ford Mustang. These days, finding an SC with a five-speed isn't easy, and this one only shows 63,000 miles on the clock.

Ford Thunderbird Ferrari Body KitFord Thunderbird Ferrari Body Kit

Photos: Facebook Marketplace / Chris Imjour Luva Love

How it lived for those 63,000 miles, however, could be an interesting story. The Marketplace listing doesn't offer much in the way of detail, simply calling it a one-off model that "sounds mean" and feels like 300 hp. That would imply some engine modifications, but the only mods mentioned are airbags for the suspension that are, well, nonfunctional. For that matter, we see damage to the front fascia, and the interior looks like it's seen better days.

There's absolutely no mention of Ferrari anywhere, and as far as we can tell, there are no prancing horses or badging on the car so at least it's not suffering a Ferrari identity crisis. That said, the side strakes are pure Testarossa and the wing is all F40. Truth be told, it looks like some considerable work was done with this body kit. The rear fenders are flared out, and the doors are flared to match. The front fenders look wider, the fascias are different, the hood is different, and the spoiler looks like it's actually part of a custom trunk instead of something bolted on.

Ford Thunderbird Ferrari Body KitFord Thunderbird Ferrari Body Kit

Photos: Facebook Marketplace / Chris Imjour Luva Love

We'll say this much – it's certainly unlike any Thunderbird we've ever seen. Is it worth $15,000? That's the asking price, and the listing places the car somewhere in Fort Worth, Texas.

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