Hop Onboard Ferrari F12 By Novitec For Top Speed Test On The Autobahn

This thing sounds like an F1 car.

Novitec is known for producing some of the most extreme tuning packages for some of the greatest supercars in the world. The Ferrari F12 N-Largo doesn’t make a difference and is a hardcore take on the predecessor of the 812 Superfast, the brand’s V12-powered grand tourer. While its ultimate goal is to be comfortable and pleasant on long journeys, that car is actually very, very fast. And we have a new video to prove that.

The clip attached at the top of this page comes from the AutoTopNL channel and shows us 1 of a total of 15 produced examples of the F12 N-Largo in action. All the footage comes from the vehicle’s onboard cameras and there’s a constant view of the instrument cluster showing the velocity and current gear the car is running. To a certain extent, this machine sounds almost like a Formula 1 car from the cockpit.

Powering the F12 by Novitec is a modified version of Ferrari’s 6.3-liter naturally aspirated engine, which in this application delivers a peak output of 770 horsepower (574 kilowatts). Mated to a dual-clutch gearbox with F1-style gear paddles, the mill sends power to the rear wheels. The top speed, at least on paper, should be around 217 miles per hour (350 kilometers per hour) – it’s time to find out whether the car can actually reach these numbers.

At the beginning of the video, the driver quickly catches up with traffic and has to slow down and wait until the highway is clear. The video is from the Autobahn where certain sections are still without a speed limit despite discussions in recent years for an 81-mile (130-kph) restriction. Still, more than a third of the Germans want the Autobahn unrestricted, and thanks to that, we can still enjoy supercar monsters such as this F12 by Novitec hitting speeds above 186 mph (300 kph).

Autobahn Top Speed Runs:

The highest speed we saw in this video was around the 186-mph (300-kph) mark but the car felt like it could do more easily. Unfortunately, autumns seem to be crowded on the Autobahn and we will probably have to wait for quieter times to see this supercar reach its top speed.

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