Hotter Ferrari SF90 Can't Hide Big Wing In New Spy Video

It's coming later this year.

In February, Ferrari announced four models would debut over the course of 2023 before proceeding to introduce the first of the bunch as the Roma Spider. A hotter iteration of the SF90 Stradale could be among the three Prancing Horses we'll see later this year since the exotic Italian brand has been repeatedly spotted testing prototypes. Tentatively known as the "Versione Speciale," the amped-up supercar was seen roaming the streets of Maranello.

A new spy video features a couple of prototypes, seemingly carrying the production body. Ferrari typically strays away from putting large wings on road-going cars, but the higher-specification SF90 appears to be an exception. It's impossible to hide such a large aerodynamic element, but nevertheless, the Italian exotic marque decided to slap on camouflage.

The SF90 VS will essentially be a track-focused version, presumably with a bit more power, so expect it to reach four digits and therefore at least match the 1,001-hp Lamborghini Revuelto. The extreme aero pack won't be all about the wing since prototypes have been caught with hood ducts. It's unclear whether the extra oomph and downforce will come along with a weight loss as one would expect from a hardcore derivative.

In a video published this month on Ferrari's official website, Enrico Galliera, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, teased the spicy SF90 at the company-owned Fiorano track. He said it'll be a "very special model" developed to offer "incredible performance on track and also on the road." In the coming days, loyal customers will be contacted by the company and will be given the opportunity to order the car.

In typical Ferrari special edition fashion, expect a high price and low volume. Chances are that by the time the amped-up Stradale is officially revealed to us plebians, the entire production run will have been allocated.

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