Michael B. Jordan's Ferrari 812 Superfast Crashed Into A Kia

It's not clear if the actor was driving the car when the collision occurred, but his Ferrari 812 Superfast is now a three-wheeler.

There's one less Ferrari 812 Superfast in the world, for now at least. The blue supercar shown above allegedly belongs to acclaimed actor Michael B. Jordan, and crashed into a Kia in Los Angeles on late Saturday night in Los Angeles, according to KTLA.

There are no reports of injuries resulting from the crash, and there are no indications that alcohol, drugs, or any driver impairment contributed to the incident. TMZ reports Jordan was behind the wheel of the car when the collision occurred. No arrests were made, and there's no information on whether any citations were issued. KTLA confirmed with police that officers were called to the scene at approximately 11:35 pm local time. An accident report was also filed.

There are no details available on what actually happened, but a video from effspot on YouTube shows the accident scene in detail. It appears the Ferrari clipped a Kia Niro parked alongside the road; extensive damage is seen on the SUV's driver side, notably at the rear corner. The quarter panel and wheel arch are torn to shreds but the rear bumper is largely intact. If we had to guess, it appears the 812's passenger front wheel brushed against the Niro and hooked the fender.

That theory is supported by the aforementioned Ferrari wheel sitting alongside the road beyond the SUV. The wheel and the hub are ripped clean from the supercar, and there's significant damage to the right front fender. Bent suspension components are visible, and we can see airbags deployed inside the car.

Ferrari Fails:

Packing a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 making 789 horsepower, the 812 Superfast lives up to its name with a 60-mph sprint taking approximately 3 seconds, provided the rear tires have grip. Flat-out, the grand touring machine can reach 212 mph.

Source: KTLA via TMZ, effspot / YouTube

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