New Ferrari Hypercar Rendered Based On Test Mule

It'll be a hybrid, but will the V12 survive? Probably not.

Flagship Ferrari models are few and far between as we've only had a handful since the iconic 250 GTO. There was the 288 GTO, followed by the F40, F50, Enzo, and the LaFerrari. On March 5, the latter will celebrate its 10th anniversary since the official debut, so it's no wonder a replacement is on the way. A test mule was recently caught, so we've decided to use our crystal ball and see into the future of the next range-topping prancing horse.

Much like the LaFerrari test mule was a mishmash of parts from other models, its replacement looked weird since it borrowed components from existing vehicles. For example, the headlights came from the 296 GTB while the taillights were borrowed from the SF90 Stradale. The front air intakes resembled those of the Enzo and the giant rear wing looked out of place. Consequently, our rendering is mostly speculative since Ferrari is hiding the design of its new hypercar.

Having just spotted an early test mule, an official reveal isn't happening anytime soon. Rumor has it Ferrari will show the car behind closed doors to potential buyers before the end of the year. The rest of us will probably have to wait until later in 2024. Allegedly codenamed "F250," the new hypercar could be limited to 828 units: 599 coupes, 199 convertibles, and 30 XX units.

Production of the coupe is apparently slated to commence in October 2024, followed by the XX in July 2026 and the Spider in October 2027. The last car will be assembled at some point in 2030.

Ferrari Is Keeping Busy:

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