Possible Ferrari V6 Hybrid Debuts Today: See The Livestream

The livestream starts at 12:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM CEST / 8:30 AM ET.

Update! Meet The 296 GTB:

After an endless string of spy shots and rumors, the moment has come to see what Ferrari has been up to since announcing a hybrid V6 sports car back in 2018. The company's third electrified car after the hybrid LaFerrari and the plug-in hybrid SF90 Stradale/Spider is expected to replace the F8 Tributo and fight the McLaren Artura, which also uses a downsized hybrid powertrain.

The Prancing Horse has done a great job with camouflaging prototypes, so the design is still very much a secret despite dozens of test vehicles caught testing around Maranello in the last few months. Rumors point to the revival of the "Dino" moniker, but that seems highly unlikely as Ferrari Chief Commercial Officer Enrico Galliera ruled out this possibility back in 2019. A new Dino could still happen one day, but based on what we currently know, a different moniker will be used by the upcoming machine.

Developed under the "F171" internal codename, the new Ferrari is said to use a twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine working together with a single electric motor to develop roughly 700 horsepower. It will be a rear-wheel-drive-only affair or so we're hearing, meaning there won't be a front-mounted motor as it's the case with the SF90 Stradale.

A variation of the combustion engine is likely due in next year's Purosangue, the very first Ferrari SUV. It remains to be seen whether the V6 will be an all-Ferrari engine or it's going to have some connections with Maserati's Nettuno unit installed in the new MC20 supercar where it works on its own without a hybrid boost.

Just to be on the safe side, Ferrari hasn't officially confirmed the new model we will be seeing later today is indeed the V6 hybrid. For now, we only know it’s a "revolutionary sports car," one that has what it takes to "define fun to drive."

The livestream starts at 12:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM CEST / 8:30 AM ET.

Source: Ferrari

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