Puma Reveals The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Of Sneakers

These are understatedly gorgeous.

Car and sneaker collaborations are a hit-or-miss affair. We've seen pretty cool ones before, like the Porsche 911 Turbo-inspired Pumas or even the classy Mansory lawnmower styled after the iconic Air Jordan XI Jubilee. But there are odd ones, too, like the Hummer EV-inspired John Geiger pair, which we're struggling to find the connection between the car and the shoe itself.

Thankfully, Puma has done it again and gifted the world with an on-point sneaker collaboration. This time, with the Italian automaker, Ferrari.

Called the Ferrari ION F sneakers by Puma, the footwear takes from the iconic features of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, adopting its sleek and classy design. The SF90 Stradale's clean lines are easily seen on this pair, giving the sneakers a sporty yet understated look.

For the specifics, the reflective TPU panel at the shoe's rear is wrapped by a PU foam and takes inspiration from the dynamic front spoiler of the Italian supercar. Of course, the shade of red is truly a Prancing Horse signature, though this Puma pair here is also available in black.

On the upper portion of the shoe, there's a rich mesh material for comfort, while a knitted sock construction is already integrated into the upper part. To add premium-ness, a magnetic fit-lock buckle serves as the show lace for this slip-on.

Cars & Fashion:

Needless to say, the ION F is part of the automaker's new fashion collection, which is inspired "by the connection of the curves of Ferrari cars and the human anatomy highlighting the link between clothing."

We believe there will be more coming under this new Ferrari fashion collection but for now, the ION F sneakers by Puma are available in selected Puma and Ferrari physical shops, as well as in their respective online stores, priced at $450.

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