The Best You Can Do In Face Of This Much Cold Is Make A Snow Ferrari

Don't have the money for a LaFerrari? Here's an alternative solution.

It’s currently about 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 degrees Celsius) in Lithuania and it’s been like that, mixed with good amounts of snow, for the last few days. This probably means a lot of people are staying home but a couple from Panevezys County had a very different idea of how to spend their free time. They even made headlines in international media.

A video by Storyful shows a snow-made Ferrari LaFerrari in the couple’s backyard. The footage was shot by Donata Bugiene and shows her husband working on the project, which took him approximately two days to finish before the final touches and the paint were applied. 

The replica has accurate dimensions and even a striking red exterior finish made of “environmentally friendly paint,” as Fox6Now reports. The snow sculpture was made in the last days of January but given the country’s cold weather, it’s most likely still alive.

Snow Art:

“The Ferrari is a real size, made to the dimensions of the original Ferrari LaFerrari,” Donata Bugiene explained. “We decided that if you can't buy it - you can build it yourself! Now no one can deny that a Ferrari is standing in our yard.”

According to TradingEconomics, the average monthly wage in Lithuania currently is around €1,454 per month or approximately $1,750 at the current exchange rates. If we assume the couple from Panevezys County earns the average for the country and that you can buy a LaFerrari for $1 million, it’ll take them almost 24 years to afford the supercar. And, of course, that’s true if they spend their full income to buy a Ferrari.

With only 500 examples built, the LaFerrari is one of the rarest and most expensive modern-day supercars. It’s probably safe to say the production run now amounts to 501 units thanks to this snow-made LaFerrari from Lithuania.

Source: Donata Bugiene via Storyful, Fox6Now

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