This Ferrari 296 GT3 Model Costs More Than A Nissan Versa

Amalgam's latest large-size Ferrari model doesn't miss a detail, but it costs $18,000.

The vehicle featured in these photos looks like a Ferrari 296 GT3 race car. It's got the winglets on the corners of the front fascia. It has the vented fenders. Side-view mirrors are properly mounted on elegantly curved arms. It sits on a set of Pirelli race tires. But this isn't a GT3. Heck, it's not even a real car. That's how good Amalgam is when it comes to large-scale replica models.

This 1:8 scale Ferrari 296 GT3 is the company's latest creation, and we reckon if you could shrink down to 1:8 size, you could drive it. Measuring 22 inches in length, it captures the proportions of the real deal because it was made using Ferrari's actual CAD data for the car. With that as a starting point, Amalgam artists and designers created various casts and molds for producing the model's parts. The overall development process took 3,000 hours, and with all the parts manufactured, assembling each model takes 300 hours.

Source: Amalgam Collection

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