Tiny Ferrari Testa Rossa EV Ready To Race With Roll Bar, 19 HP

It features adjustable dampers, drilled brake discs, and a Sabelt racing harness.

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is a car that only a handful of people will ever own. It's rare and expensive, and most don't have the millions of dollars required to persuade one of the few owners to part with one. The Little Car Company has been building three-quarter scale electric replicas for the rest of us, and it's launching a new variant called Pacco Gara that could be your chance.

The company once again worked in close collaboration with Ferrari on the build. The new Testa Rossa J is more capable than the standard offering, with the car receiving a boost in power and other upgrades. It now makes 19 horsepower (14 kilowatts), up from 16. The EV also features improved brakes to contain all that power, getting drilled discs and adjustable brake bias. Adjustable dampers provide even more personalization, while the quicker ratio steering rack creates a more agile vehicle for the track.

"As we launch the new special Pacco Gara edition of the Testa Rossa J, a fine example of our close collaboration with the team at Ferrari, we have given it a racing boost, with exciting advancements to both the aesthetic of the car, and the overall performance," said company CEO Ben Hedley, adding that Maranello okayed "every element" of the Pacco Gara.

The Little Car Company added a bolt-on and removable roll cage to make it ready for racing. Drivers strap themselves into the vehicle with a Sabelt racing harness, the same ones used in Scuderia Ferrari's Formula 1 race cars. The tiny Testa Rossa sports an exterior driver's side mirror and period-correct spotlights. It's also available with a tonneau cover for the passenger side, either red or black, made from the same Ferrari leather as the interior.

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The little EV will make its public debut later this month at the International Concours of Elegance at St. Moritz, Switzerland. It'll be available to test drive. The Little Car Company didn't provide a price for the unique Ferrari, which won't be cheap. In 2021, the company launched a limited-edition Aston Martin DB5 that cost £90,000, or $108,000 at today's exchange rate.

Source: Little Car Company

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