Ultra-Rare Ferrari J50 Turns Up For Sale For $3.6 Million

That's one out of exactly 10 examples that exist in the world.

Over four years ago, Ferrari celebrated its 50th year in Japan. To mark the occasion, the Italian marque releases the Ferrari J50. Based on the 488 Spider but with a sleeker body and a tad more powerful twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8.

More importantly, the Ferrari J50 is rarer than the regular 488s, with only 10 units produced for the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now, one of those 10 units turns up for sale as a used unit at the official Ferrari dealer in Tokyo. Expectedly, it does come at a steep price – ¥398,000,000 to be exact, or around $3.6 million with the current exchange rates.

The used unit for sale comes in Nero Daytona color or metallic black in mortal speak. Despite the humble hue (in contrast to the yellow example imported to Spain), the J50 didn't lose its appeal, looking so sleek with the altered appearance.

For the uninitiated, the J50 isn't just a re-bodied 488. It also gained an additional 20 horsepower (15 kilowatts), with the force-inducted V8 now producing 690 hp (514 kW).

The listed pre-owned J50 may be pricey but at least you still have until 2026 for its genuine maintenance service. It's currently located in Minato City in Tokyo, still armed with all the good things the special edition Ferrari comes with; the fresh set of tailor-made 20-inch forged rims stands as our favorite.

Ferrari's Electrified Future:

This pre-loved unit looks relatively new as well. That's because, in its over four years of existence, it only reached 692 kilometers (430 miles). Based on the images posted by the dealer, this ultra-rare unit is looking really mint.

If you're in Japan right now and you missed the chance of getting this limited-run J50 in the past, here's your chance.

Source: Official Ferrari Dealer (Tokyo)

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