Ultra-Rare Ferraris Appearing At This Weekend's 30th Cavallino Classic

See which cars are coming for the April 24 event and what to expect.

After being postponed due to the waning pandemic, the 30th Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, Florida, will be held this April 22-25. COVID-19 may have brought some changes, but the event will surely prove to be another success. As usual, a one-of-a-kind line-up of the rarest and most pristine Ferraris will be on display throughout the event, and owners will have plenty of opportunities to have fun behind the wheel.

The Cavallino Classic will feature some of the most prized models at the Concorso d’Eleganza Saturday morning. There will of course be great vintage examples, as well as more recent one-offs, and even a speedboat! Here are some of the cars being featured on Saturday:

  • 2 250 GTOs
  • 2 342 Americas
  • The 2nd 250 TR
  • A Schumacher F1 Car
  • The P540 Superfast Aperta
  • A Sergio Pininfarina
  • Several 275s, Lussos, 288 GTOs
Ferrari America

There are many more cars attending as well. There will be all the halo cars, plus an FXX-K. And the featured models this year are the 330 GTC/GTS and many flat-12 models. Plus you never know who will show up at the last minute with a special example of your favorite Prancing Horse. If you want to see the best Ferraris in person, there's hardly a better place.

Ferrari FXX-K

Tickets for the event are available exclusively online. You will be emailed everything and be expected to use a QR code for access to the event. This is all done to limit contact between people. Surely, many guests will be vaccinated, plus a lot of time will be spent outdoors. So come on out to the 30th Cavallino Classic and let's celebrate a return to normalcy by indulging our Ferrari passions.

Ferrari Monza SP1

Tickets can be purchased here; there are various packages and a la carte pricing. You can find a complete guide to the event here. For the best information, including discussion between attendees, check out this thread at FerrariChat.

Source: FerrariChat

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