Watch Supercars From Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche And More Climb Goodwood

The first day of the iconic event was filled with fantastic cars.

The first day of the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed is in the books. Rain hampered some of the action, but that didn't stop the plethora of exotic cars, concept cars, new vehicle debuts, and one-off projects from tackling the hill. The short compilation video above from the Goodwood crew captures some of the more interesting machines that made an appearance.

The clip opens with what could be the most anticipated car among hypercar enthusiasts. The Mercedes-AMG One put on a show of speed and tech, stopping mid-course to activate its high-performance aero features before blasting to the finish line. Ford's bonkers Electric SuperVan followed, making no such pauses on its trip up the hill. BMW's new M3 Touring made a slow trip in the rain, which also hampered passes from Polestar and Bugatti. The three-wheeled Electra Meccanica and the Charge electric Mustang also had to deal with a wet track.

Travis Pastrana didn't have any water to worry about, and we doubt that would've bothered him anyway. Driving his wildly custom Subaru GL wagon gymkhana car, he wasn't shy with the throttle. The pass also revealed the wagon's creative active aero components for braking. Czinger and Ferrari wowed crowds with exotic supercars, followed by the Radford Lotus Type 62-2 sounding race-ready and the 911 Sport Classic looking race-ready.

Debuts From Goodwood:

The video concludes with three very different but equally impressive vehicles. Genesis sent its decidedly large Electrified G80 to Goodwood, torturing tires in what can only be described as an enthusiastic drive to the finish line. The Prodrive P25 made its in-person debut at the event with an equally enthusiastic drive, all the while giving classic Subaru rally fans butterflies in the stomach. Speaking of butterflies, the stunning Ferrari SP3 Daytona closes out the video, fighting traction on a very wet track but looking absolutely gorgeous in the mist.

What automotive goodness will day two of Goodwood bring? You can watch the livestream with all the action right here at

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing via YouTube

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