Wide Ferrari Test Mule Spied, But What Is It?

Could this be another Purosangue mule?

We've seen our fair share of spy shots and videos with upcoming Ferrari models and most of them were showing the brand’s first high-riding model. The Purosangue is undoubtedly the main attraction the folks from Maranello are currently working on but naturally, there are other new products in the pipeline. There’s a new video online showing us a very strange prototype testing near the brand’s HQ in Italy and we are having some troubles figuring out what it is, although we have an idea.

Obviously, this is most likely still a mule for the Purosangue. We’ve seen the brand testing its first SUV using different bodies and this trial car relies on a heavily modified GTC4 Lusso body. You can easily see this is not a regular GTC4 Lusso as the ride height is significantly higher and the wheel arches are extended to accommodate what appear to be larger wheels. Also, the fenders have a different shape compared to the production version of the supercar.

One logical explanation could be that Ferrari is testing suspension components for the Purosangue. If you work on the chassis and tires, there’s no point in putting the full production body of the vehicle, as long as there is enough load to simulate the total weight of the SUV. Interestingly though, the tires seem to be low-profile rubber you’d expect to see on a supercar and not on an SUV.

Purosangue Spied And Rendered:

Ferrari is not even using the word SUV so far and it prefers you to call it something different, too. Even if you are not into super SUVs, however, you have to admit there's something very exciting about this new Ferrari. We don’t know what will power the Purosangue, but we believe it will be a plug-in hybrid with a relatively large battery pack. All-wheel drive is a given, though whether it will be coupled with a V12 engine, at this point remains unclear. Other features such as air suspension are possible thanks to the Purosangue’s new platform.

Source: Varryx on YouTube

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